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Letters From Palawan

Finalist, 2000 Gintong Aklat Awards for Social Science


Written By

Criselda Yabes

Illustrated By

Criselda Yabes

John Marin Flores


Before the colonizers, Filipino’s wrote their own form of writing - symbols of a syllabary past on from India ages ago. By the late 18th century, what was known as the Baybayin became almost extinct. Today, ethnic tribes from Mindoro and Palawan are trying to keep this heritage alive. Leers from Pala’wan is a story of the Pala’wans reviving the past, remembering old tales, and coming to terms with a new modern world that pays lile aention to people of their kind. This year, the UNESCO included the syllabary script in the “MEMORY OF THE WORLD” register - giving recognition at last to a precious part of our culture.


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Soft Cover

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