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Musician for the Filipino Church

Rev. Fr. Eduardo Pardo Hontiveros, SJ also known as “Fr. Honti”, was a Filipino Jesuit composer and musician, best known as an innovative hymnwriter behind popular Philippine liturgical music.


Written By

Lin Acacio Flores

Illustrated By

Jomike Tejido


Rev. Fr. Eduardo Pardo Hontiveros, SJ, also known as Fr. Honti was a theology professor, seminary formator and Rector of the San Jose Seminary and Dean of the Loyola School of Theology. However, it is his work as a composer of liturgical (church) music that is formidable, for he wrote hundreds of hymns. Fr. Honti composed hymns in Tagalog which were sung in the parish churches in Ateneo in Loyola  Heights. His simple, straight from the heart music spread out to all Catholic churches in the Philippines. His Filipino "Ama Namin (Our Father)" became one of the favorite songs sung by the crowds rallying at the main thoroughfare of EDSA. His songs have travelled with the diaspora of Filipinos and are sung all over the world. He has been bestowed the title of Father of Filipino Liturgical Music.   





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