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Made Perfect in Weakness

Winner, 2016 Kid’s Choice Award, 4th National Children’s Book Award.


Written By

Didith T. Rodrigo

Illustrated By

Patricia Lascano


Roselle Rodriguez Ambubuyog lost her sight when she was six years old as a result of a severe reaction to over-the-counter medications. Despite her blindness, she convinced her parents to enroll her in regular schools with sighted students. In those schools, she consistently excelled. She graduated valedictorian from Holy Infant Montessori in 1986, Batino Elementary School in 1993, and Ramon Magsaysay High School-Manila in 1997. On her passion for her work, Roselle says, “…playing a key role in the development of innovative technologies that help people with disabilities, not only in the Philippines but worldwide is a fulfilling career.





10 x 8 x 0.05



Soft Cover

Featured In

This series aims to present role models for young people to emulate. Each story in the series contains a central theme that exemplifies a moral value or characteristic or an exemplary incident in the life of each principal character.

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