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Nourishing Hope: Paghahain ng Pag-asa

Nourishing Hope: Paghahain ng Pag-asa (A Bilingual book)


Written By

Didith T. Rodrigo

Joseph G. Dela Cruz

Illustrated By

Jeanette C. Salvania


The book tells the story of the life of the volunteers as they go about the day to day tasks at the central kitchen in Sitio Asul Elementary School for the Ateneo’s Blueplate for Better Learning Feeding Program. 

The volunteers harmoniously prepared meals that are healthy and nourishing for the 2000 children everyday. 

It also tells how the program has touched the lives of the volunteers and their families, because they too have benefited from the feeding program at the time when some of them needs to be fed at least a full meal once a day. 


10 x 8



Soft Cover

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