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Women of Tammuz

Women of Tammuz completes A.G. Uranza’s tetralogy of novels


Written By

Azucena Grajo Uranza

Illustrated By

Antonio Concepcion


Women of Tammuz is part of that broad fictional panorama recreated in her four novels through the eyes and heart of two families, showing bold colorful strokes the most significant and perhaps, the most tragic moments of our history. Chronologically, Women of Tammuz is the second book of the saga, and with this novel, the four significant periods of our recent history are finally completely etched in their clearest details: the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War in A Passing Season; the horrors of war and the Japanese Occupation in Women of Tammuz; the evils and cruelty of a dictatorship in Bamboo in the Wind; and in Feast of the Innocents- the ‘time of freedom and democracy’-what we did with this great opportunity to make of ourselves a people proud of its integrity and freedom.


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