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Bamboo in the Wind

Palanca Award Winner Grand prize 1990


Written By

Azucena Grajo Uranza

Illustrated By

Gerald Ferrancol


Larry Esteva, coming home from studies in Boston, witnesses at the airport a riotous demonstration that is forcibly dispersed by the military. The end of his journey turns out to be the beginning of an odyssey in his beloved city where he finds “an insidious lawlessness creeping upon the land”. 

Set in Manila in the last beleaguered months before the politico-military take-over in 1972, Bamboo in the Wind tells of the last desperate efforts of a people fighting to stave off disaster. Amid the escalating madness of a regime gone berserk, an odd assortment of people-a senator, a young nationalist, a dispossessed farmer, a radical activist, a convent school girl, a Jesuit scholastic-make their way along the labyrinthine corridors of greed and power. 

Each is forced to examine his own commitment in the face of brutality and evil, as the book conjures up scene after scene of devastation: the massacre of the demonstrators, the demolition of Sapang Bato, the murder of the sugar plantation workers, the burning of the Laguardia ricefields. And, as a climax to the mounting violence, that final September day-the arrests, the torture, and finally the darkness that overtakes the land.


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